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The Working Fila Brasileiro

The Fila Brasileiro has been used as a working dog for the majority of it's history. Some of the duties traditionally assigned to the fila are herding cattle and other large livestock, tracking, estate guardian, hunting dangerous prey such as jaguar, hogs and humans. Law enforcement and military in many countries are beginning to look at the fila as a formidable defense dog.

Fila Brasileiro Mecca doing bitework:

Resources for teaching your fila to work with livestock:

Headstart for Herding
There is much that can be done to prepare a puppy or dog to become a herding dog ; likewise there is much that can be done to prepare the person to become a herding handler . This "headstart" should improve the ultimate results of the training program as well as make the early stages go a lot smoother.

Lin Daugherty Herding Clinic
Notes from teaching clinics on the subject of livestock handling and herding dog training, given by one of the most gifted herding teachers

The Working Dogs Bookstore
International magazine for and about working and sporting dogs

Interesting articles by Bud Williams on working stock dogs

Training Links

A thread on the Protection Dogs board on training the fila

Training the Fila Brasileiro

Fila Brasileiro Videos

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