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Everyone who has ever been loved by a fila brasileiro agrees that these dogs devote themselves completely: heart,
body and soul, to their master. Their whole reason for living is you. Their waking moments are spent looking for
your company, and when you leave they only live for the next time they will be reunited with you. Loyalty and
faithfulness are associated with the fila in his home country.

Imagine how it must feel to a fila to be treated cruelly, starved or abandoned by his master.

Fila Brasileiro Dogs and Pups in rescue, up for adoption, rehoming; transportation, health amd behavior issues
related to rescue dogs. Everyone is welcome to post pictures and information!

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So you're interested in a Fila Brasileiro, but unsure whether to adopt a rescue or get a pup...which is right for you.

There are positives and negatives associated with each. A rescue fila is most often out of the early puppy stage, and one can get a reasonable idea of health issues, personality and future temperament. Chances are you won't have to deal with the housetraining and teething issues...who needs to find a steaming pile on the new rug or those gorgeous new red pumps chewed to rawhide, right?

On the downside, you may never be able to find out the exact pedigree of your rescue, or even who the breeder was. Many breeders never microchip or tattoo their pups, which often makes tracing them back more difficult.You may also never know the full history of what happened to your fila in his or her earlier life, and some rescues can be traumatized, with associated behavioral problems.

As the fila becomes more and more popular and gets more attention, more and more fila are finding themselves into shelters or animal control facilities, where many face a miserable existance ending in euthanasia. The lucky ones are found by a tireless team of dedicated individuals from various rescues who hunt the shelters and pounds and pull them out wherever possible.

Finding these dogs a decent, responsible home is not always easy. We hope you will at the very least give a fila in need a second chance at a loving home, a warm place to sleep and food in their belly. In return you will very likely get that legendary devotion the fila brasileiro is known for.

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