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Fila Brasileiro Breeders - Choosing a Good One

Choosing a breeder from whom to purchase your next Fila Brasileiro pup can be quite a challenge. The number of backyard Fila breeders is on the rise; unfortunately the relatively high price of a good puppy and more public awareness of the breed has prompted many to join the ranks of the profit motivated backyard breeder.

Why should you pay a high price to a so called reputable breeder, when you can get a pup from a backyard breeder for sometimes as much as half to a third of the going rate?

Well, consider this. Because the puppy mills and backyard Fila Brasileiro breeders don't spend money on showing, health screening, working , x-raying or temperament testing, nor do they really care which male and female they throw together to produce pups, you may end up with a puppy that is physically and or mentally unsound.

Many backyard breeders don't give their pups any medical care prior to sending them out to new homes. Would you really want a pup to arrive sick, and cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in vet care? There goes the savings on the puppy price! Since the fila has one of the highest rates of hip and elbow dysplasia, do you really want to risk getting a pup that you have to euthanize before it's second birthday?

Do you really want a puppy that has an unstable temperament, who may end up biting you or one of your children? Given the size and power of this breed, the emergency room scenario or worse, death or disfigurement is a very real possibility.
Alternatively, how about the pup you bought as a family protector ending up with NO temperament, or extreme dog aggression, or an unhealthy dose of cowardice or attachment neurosis?

Backyard breeders seldom have contracts or guarantees. If your pup develops a problem, do you really want to have to take your fila brasileiro breeder to court to get them to give you a replacement or make restitution? The list goes on and on.

A reputable fila brasileiro breeder will understand and follow the breed standards. Their dogs will have correct temperament, and they won't be afraid to guarantee correct temperament. Their breeding dogs will be health screened and x-rayed, their pups appropriately immunized and healthy upon arrival at your home.

The reputable breeder will not sell a cowardly fila, nor one with an unstable temperament. The reputable breeder will have a strong contract and will take back or replace a pup that has problems. They will screen buyers breeder wants their pups to wind up at a shelter.

A good breeder will also microchip their pups, and provide extensive information on training and feeding. You shouldn't have any problems with getting your puppy registered and you should be able to contact the breeder at any time to answer questions and for help should the need arise. An excellent breeders will follow up and check up you and your pup.

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