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We have several fila up for adoption. We are bringing in a male this week that is brindle and large. He will need all his vetting done so as soon as all of that is done we will have him up for adoption. Loke is about 2 years old. We still have Mia and Kira. Capone is finally healing but will prob stay at the rescue. Samson is healing from his broken leg and we are still evaluating that. There is still a poss. that his leg will have to be amputated. If you like smaller dogs we have two APBT's both male and 2 pit mixes. Schipper is one of my favorites. He is all around an awesome boy. Beautiful seal color and just a happy boy. We also have a border collie mix named Bud. All of their pics are on our facebook page! Take a look and "like" us so you can keep updated on what is going on with our rescue.

If anyone would like to donate to our "501c3 Fund" please now is the time. We have the paperwork just need the funding so that all donations can be a tax deduction for our donors. All we need is $250.00 and we have a person that will match this amt. We became a non profit on 12-2-11 and we have 2 years to file our 501c3. But we really hope that we can do this now so we can apply for grants and it is easier for us to pull fila out of the shelters.

Our email is and we have a paypal through that email. We could do a chip in but they take out money for using their services. If you use the paypal then send it as a gift. Every penny counts in rescue. So far this year we have spent about 800.00 on vetting, food and pull fees.

To sponsor one of the fila just email us which dog you would like to sponsor.

On the good side... Nina was adopted out and is now named Bella. She is doing wonderful in her new home. Karma was also adopted and is doing great in his new home.