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help dealing with a nervous bitch

Hi everyone, i own a 3 yo bitch that is nervous/unstable. Around 6months we noticed that she would shiver at our 4 months old son and his toys, it has progressed to shivering when our now 3 yo son is around and not really liking him. Our son has never ever hit her with toys, chased her anything that may bring this on.

She will also shiver and act nervous tail tucked under her belly at any loud sound and new toy. When she is on her bed she will snarl at our son with no sound just a warning lip curl. He doesn’t play on her bed or anything like that; we are very paranoid and keep a close eye on them both. But now with having a new baby (6 weeks old) I don’t feel that i can keep a constant watch over them.

we have tried getting them to interact as much a s possible, getting him to pet her with us at the same time, helping brush her, feed her, giving treats ect and nothing seems to work. She also is fine with new people in our home and accepts them no problem. If we go for a walk she is fine with new people. The only time she is anything like a “fila” is when she is in the yard and when she is in a car.

Aren’t filas supposed to love their family? Not like new people ect. We have talked to our breeder a few times (very difficult to reach) and haven’t had any luck with information/suggestions. we got her from what we thought was a reputable breeder and have tried to speak to her about everything from the very start seeing how we are 1st time fila owners. . . so here i am on forums looking for help!!

If we cannot get this worked out we may have to give her up or have her put down seeing how she cannot be trusted with our children. I hate thinking of that so i am desperately looking for help any suggestions, tips, information would be greatly welcomed.