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Update on Kira. Kira is NOT a pup. She is about 3 years old. She had severe tarter on her molars and wearing on her molars and canines. She is extremely active. She is awesome on harness or collar and leash. She is very food motivated. She is crate trained and loves her bed in there although she loves my bed more. when on leash she will ignore the cats. However I dont know what she would do if she wasnt on leash. She ignores the cats when they come inside and she is crated.
She has flea allergies so she has to be kept on flea preventive. She also does a lot better on grain free foods.
Kira LOVES children. She has been around 2 so far. However both children were raised around big dogs (great danes and then LGD's) I take her to the store with me and she loves people. However if someone comes into my home she will give them the fila "look" she hears and sees my other dogs NOT liking someone coming into the house. I dont know if she is picking up on that but I am sure she is. I have not tested her with my guys as they do NOT like her. *sigh* She touched noses and then play bowed with the top titled staffy that was in Jeffers one day. If she is still here this spring I will start her with weight pulling to burn off some of her energy. And we are starting obed. classes as soon as one comes available on my off days.

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