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Hello everyone......

I am Molly, I am a female adult fila that is black brindle. I am spayed, current on all vaccinations, and house trained. I was found wandering on the streets almost starved to death.

I was picked up by animal control and taken to a quite scary place. Soon a rescue deemed me to be an Old English Mastiff...poor people were very kind but very misled as to my true breed.

The rescue people found me a home with a lovely woman and her boyfriend. They have a couple of cats. I have tolerated the cats so far, but I really think they would make a yummy treat!!!

I think my new family was really unprepared for all that a Fila Brasileiro is. They called another person who loves filas and this person has taken me to their home. I am now quite fat and working to over come two of my bad habits that seem to make people a little crazy. I just get so excited that sometimes I pull on the leash and I do love to chase a car or two!!

I have many great qualities...I am quite devoted, great protection, beautiful ( love my girly figure ), and very sensible. I have one bad quality....I do NOT like other dogs. I missed a lot in the way of proper training and raising when I was growing up but I do so want to please.

If you think you have room in your heart for a forever love....then give me a call...I am definitely the dog for you. Call my foster mom Katrina and she will be happy to introduce me to you!!


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