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Rio *LINK* *PIC*

Rio is a Fila Mastiff that was brought to the OC shelter after being found wandering the streets of Santa Ana severely dehydrated, emaciated, and wearing a basket muzzle. The original plan was for him to stay here and get healthy, then be transported to a Fila rescue out of state.

Unfortunately the morning after he was rescued from the shelter, his stomach began to swell and it was discovered he was in the middle of bloat (stomach twist). An emergency trip to the vet revealed the pain Rio was in, and that a decision needed to be made quickly whether to operate or euthanize. Neither our group nor the Fila rescue had the $4,000 to operate on Rio. But he had been through SO much and needed help... how could we say no?
Rio's bloat surgery was $4,000 and we need help to pay his bill!

Note from me.... If you can donate just 5 bucks that helps....