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Chewing & Swallowing Foreign Objects


Wanted to share for education's sake what is going on with my daughter's English Bull Terrier, and to extent what happened with one of my little Fila girls. When it happens, it happens fast.

English Bull Terrier:
Tues. 04/05 Throws up once with a little grass in puddle

Between Tues. and Wed. total 5 times throwing up what daughter describes as "a little", progressing from little grass, to dog food eaten, to bile.

Thurs. a.m. lethargic, still urinating, still drinking "some", Thurs. 6 pm "Mom, what should I do?" Emergency room sub-cutaneous hydration. X-ray only shows inflammation of the stomach and colon, no foreign objects seen, antibiotics administered. Goes home with 1 cup water an hour instructions. Throws up water at 11:45 p.m., total water consumed by 7 a.m. Friday, 1 cup "maybe"

Friday a.m. lethargic, little yellow nostril secretion, no urination, no stools. "Mom, what should I do?", x-ray tech thinks they see 'something' in stomach, no where else. Surgery 2 hours long, chewed up plastic 'construction fencing' pieces embedded in stomach wall, could not have gotten pieces out going through the throat orthoscopicly. Don't see anything in the colon.

This a.m. jumping up and running around on the leash wanting to walk. Will try food and water later today.

Fila Girl:
Monday (last year) first time left unsupervised in backyard when leaving for work. Seemed fine when getting home.

Tuesday left unsupervised in backyard when leaving for work. Home in afternoon vomit patch visible on concrete, but items obviously re-eaten. Eats fine, drinks fine, pick up waste. While cleaning up and letting all the other Filas out, notice her trying to eliminate (#2) nothing coming.

Wednesday left just as before. 5 vomit patches visible on concrete, either re-eaten or bile. Little lethargic, not much, notice her trying to eliminate (#2) nothing coming. Go with her to visit daughter and watch movie. Fila girl plays with daughter's dog, seems fine. Come home, take out back for a drink, long drink then couple moments later, vomit BIG-BIG. Emergency room X-ray reveals rock at small intestines, considerable inflammation before and after rock. Surgery was able to squeeze rock out through colon without cutting into intestines. Baby girl home next late morning doing fine still {always supervised when outside} :)

Hope this will help somehow.