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Hello all! I'm don't glad to have found a current, kept up Fila forum! I am searching for a dear friend of mine, she is an older woman who has always rescued filas when she was able and adores the breed. He last fila just very recently passed away. She know she wants another but she says she is not ready yet (still grieving for her last baby) so I am putting out feelers now because she is already wanting. Puppy or older dog it doesn't matter, although a puppy would be nice, but if older dog, needs to be good with other dogs. She still has one older dog who she doesn't want to "get eaten."
We live in Long Creek, SC, which is on the border of South Carolina and Georgia. We are willing to drive anywhere within a 3 hour radius (maybe more if we find the right dog!) if anyone has any ideas or leads, please let me know!
Thank you so much!
480-620-5224 please leave a message if no answer, thanks!