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Puppy Movement

I've got a question for you....or anyone for that matter. One of the puppies in this litter is a REAL CRUISER. I'm not kidding when I say his activity level is Super-Dog. At first Juicy would whine for him to be back near her, now she just looks after him. Our whelping box is 4' x 6', and he will literally run circuits. Not just the wiggle and move a little, stop, wiggle and move a little. He is digging his back legs and cruising. This pup was born 03/22/11, 2:30 a.m. and has been doing it since the first hour.

The rest of the litter seems normal in movements. Just similar to my first litter. Normal activity, normal sleep, normal twitching. His eating pattern is just as active as all the rest, he does sleep as much as the rest.

I know this because I have no life So far most of my time is sitting in there watching what goes on. I'm sure I will be cured of this sooner or later!

What do you think about this behaviour?