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Hi! I am also interested in a picture of him. I rescue the breed!
Every dog is differant and for him it could be totally normal. But it never hurts to be sure!

I had a pup that was found in poor condition @ ~8wks old. (mastiff breed mix) He was very mellow. I have also always been in the vet field and luckily realized quickly that he was actually hurting and accociated playing with pain. I did all the diagnostics and found he had bad joints. It was so sad to realize how bad it was when I first gave him NSAIDs & he was a totally differant pup.
Today he is 5 & 1/2 years old & happy as he can be!!! I don't give him prescription medication almost @ all now!
Raw diet, supplements and he is doing great! Early intervention made this possible.

I am NOT saying this is the case with your dog.
There are tell tale signs that can indicate issues and having a GOOD & EXPERIANCED vet do a head to toe exam looking for any issues is a must when they are not acting like an average dog of that breed.
Good luck!
Jamie Bohn

I can be reached at:

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