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New Feed Store by Rescuer *LINK* *PIC*

Got this in the mail: Kym is a raw and natural feeding nut, and one of the pricipals of Divine Big Paws Rescue.

"I am opening my own store. I am so excited.... Hopefully we will be open in a month. It is going to take that long to get the place that we are renting cleaned out and repaired and to get our biz. lic and all that!

The store will be very rescue friendly and as soon as we get on our feet we will have 6 rescues that we will donate a % to in our area. We will have a board where all the info on the rescues will be posted. For the month that the rescue is featured it will be on our website. Also will have a groomer at the store on Sat. to do pedicures and if needed grooming. Hope to have a trainer at the store doing group lessons on Sat. or poss another day that we are open.

We will have another board where pics of our customers pets will be featured! So bring in your pet so we can get their pic. or bring us a pic to put on the board! We want to fill up the board with lots of pictures!

We will have a facebook page and at the end of the month we will have some kind of drawing for either a gift certificate or a % off one single item in the store. We will have contests through out the year! Come join us an visit a while! We would love to see you!

Learning Center will have couches and chairs with books and all sorts of info! Come learn how to keep your pet healthy. We will have classes once a month with lunch served from Chicken in the box! We will have to preorder this so it will have to be prepaid. There will be different classes. Learn about agility! Learn the basics on dog grooming. Learn how to feed a healthier way!

It is going to be in Dothan in town. We will be carrying dog food, cat food and soon horse feed.
raw (Blue Rdge Beef and bulk)

Sorry as of right now we will not be doing any shipping! Maybe in the future! We will be delivering to Pensacola Fla once a month for a $10 delivery fee. If you want to tip the driver that would be awesome! As soon as we get settled in we will start that!
We will put up a website to show what we do have and you will have to email or call with your order to the store for delivery. Established customers we will take a check or cash. Others will have to call in with a credit card.

We will also be adding Atlanta area to the route from Dothan to Effingham SC and some places in NC and VA areas soon! "

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New Feed Store by Rescuer *LINK* *PIC*
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